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Bunya Nuts

Bunya Nuts

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Bunya Nuts come from a large tree called the Bunya Pine. The botanical name is known as Aracauria bidwillii. Native to southeasterly Queensland and only baring a harvest after 100 years, the bunya pine dates back to the Jurassic period.

Bunya pine used to be much more widespread than today and has been a staple food for aboriginal communities for thousands of years. Due to the high quality of the pine, lots of the trees fell victim to deforestation, making both the trees and the nuts they produce much more valuable and rare.

Bunya nuts form in large pine cones weighing up to ten kilos. Each cone can contain up to 100 nuts depending on the size of the tree and the cone. One tree can produce dozens of pines per season.

The Bunya Nut is similar to the brazil nut or chestnut, with a thick outer shell and a rich, creamy nut in the centre. Bunya nuts were traditionally prepared by roasting whole over an open fire but can also be boiled in salted water and split down the centre.

Bunya nuts contain a low amount of natural oil compared to other nuts such as almonds or cashews. So they work well when chopped or blended into a native pesto or toasted and ground into flour as an alternative in baking. Or just to be enjoyed in their natural form.

All our Bunya nuts are sold as whole nuts with the husks intact and frozen. 

Contact us directly at if you are interested in bulk purchases and prices. For restaurant and bar venues in Melbourne, please contact us to organise delivery (if in the Metro Melbourne area).

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