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Finger Lime Caviar

Finger Lime Caviar

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Our Finger Limes Caviar comes from our very own trees grown in Victoria. Extracted using innovative techniques, we remove almost all seeds for a smoother experience in your mouth. These pearls are freshly washed, sanitised (with natural native ingredients) packed and FROZEN.

No chemicals have been used at any time with these fruit pearls. Each jar will come Frozen and needs to be stored frozen unless being used. You will also get a mother-pearl spoon with every order of Finger Lime Caviar. 

Spoon some on your oysters, lobster, seafood, poultry, dessert or cocktail to make everything look and taste Incredible. This product needs to be kept frozen and can be stored for up to 1 year in the freezer.

The product's Net Weight is 100g from frozen. This product comes in a glass jar with a net weight of 100g. The jar can be reused or recycled to help reduce waste

Contact us directly at if you are interested in bulk purchases and prices. For restaurant and bar venues in Melbourne, please contact us to organise delivery (if in the Metro Melbourne area).

NOTE: This product is FROZEN and can only be pick-up from our shop or stockist in Victoria. Delivery in Victoria can be organised manually by contacting us via email.  Frozen fruit and products can be shipped outside of Victoria only by contacting directly us.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paula Egan
Very nice

Customer service was A1

Greg Askwith
I was curious to try with gin.

The jar arrived as expected wrapped in ice packs and frozen. I was surprised the caviar had shrunk so much (must have happened at freezing). My first attempt to chisel away some caviar in the jar produced several lumps which I introduced to several ounces of London gin. Rather than melting quickly, the caviar resisted melting until the gin, large ice block and splash of fever tree tonic warmed in the glass. The small caviar eggs eventually spread through the glass resembling a Christmas snow globe. First attempt 5/10
On my second attempt to make a finger caviar G&T was far more satisfactory. I chiselled off some caviar from the jar about an hour before mixing. The caviar melted and seemed to expand. The mixing of ingredients led to a far better looking drink. This time we were able to squeeze the caviar between teeth and experience that burst of citrus so desired.
So I am learning more about this product and will keep experimenting with cocktails and deserts.

Angela Griffiths
Beautiful products

I purchased two flavours/colours of Finger Lime Caviar and Davidson Plum Coulis for my daughter's wedding cake. She loves tart and interesting flavours and it was a great way to showcase indigenous ingredients for her wedding held over the Australia Day weekend. Our wonderful experience started the moment we ordered, with professional communication from FLM and the offer to stay back late to enable my husband to collect personally after a 9 hour drive to Melbourne. The finger lime caviar travelled beautifully from Melbourne to Canberra in the esky and with FLM's advice, we kept it frozen and used it as a garnish when plating the wedding cake. It came to room temperature beautifully and provided an amazing zing. We teamed it up with Davidson Plum sponge and Davidson Plum coulis between the layers with the fingerlime infused buttercream. The Davidson Plum was outstanding! Such a punchy zingy flavour and the perfect balancing contrast with the sweet sponge and buttercream elements. Thank you so much for your quality products and being a special memory for my daughter's wedding day.

Catriona Walsh
Amazing experience!

Shamil was wonderful during the experience!

The process was quick, and delivery was thoughtful (to maintain integrity of the caviar). Absolutely adore the flavour, so far we have tried with Oysters, Tacos & even with a G&T.

Will be back.