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Flying Dragon - Japanese Bitter Orange

Flying Dragon - Japanese Bitter Orange

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Flying Dragon is one of the most fascinating citrus for the unique contorted trunk and branches. The scientific name is Poncirus Flying Dragon, related to the citrus Trifoliata and is originally from Japan. This beautiful species is mostly used as a rootstock to graft, but can be grown even as another citrus tree. Thornes are curved reminding the claws of a dragon! Fruits are of small size, covered from hairs like velvet and bitter in taste. They can be used to make marmelades or to extract essential oils. Leaves are small, beautifully shaped and glossy. Flying dragon is the perfect citrus to create hedging and perfect as ornamental tree in any garden/balcony. Trees available are 2 years old and ready to be re-potted or transplanted. Pictures are only as reference as each tree is different from one to another.

NOTE: Picture of plants and trees are for showing purpose only. These can look different depending on season and could be either fruiting, flowering or just growing.



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