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Macadamia Bush Nut

Macadamia Bush Nut

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This is the original Macadamia used by Aboriginals for centuries before the colonisers landed in Australia. This Macadamia is also called "Macadamia Bush Nut" and its one of the oldest variety. This Bush Nut was an important source of food for the Indigenous communities that were feeding on this rich nuts. Our seedlings have been grown from the real mother plants in Queensland that are now hard to find around due to expansions of lands for use. This seedling comes in tubestock size pot. Macadamia Bush Nut can be grown in either pots, and kept dwarf, or planted in the ground for a full size tree. We reccomend a full-sun/partial shade position protected by strong winds. Feed only with Native slow-release fertiliser plus Seasol (seaweed solution) as suggested on the product.

NOTE: Picture of plants and trees are for showing purpose only. These can look different depending on season and could be either fruiting, flowering or just growing.


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