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Oldman Saltbush

Oldman Saltbush

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Oldman Saltbush is a fast growing shrub that can be found along all coastline in Australia. This plant leaves are salty as they usually originate near the coast. Leaves are edible and are rich in proteins, minerals and antioxidants. Oldman Saltbush can be grown easily in most of conditions as its drought and salinity tollerant. Grow it either planted or potted, rich and well-draining soil, position it either full-sun or partial shade away from hard frost. This Saltbush can grow even up to 2m in certain condition, but can be kept in shorter if potted or reguarly harvested. Use the leaves blanched, dehydrated, powdered as spice or to season your favourite roast. Our Oldman Saltbush comes in few different sizes.

NOTE: Picture of plants and trees are for showing purpose only. These can look different depending on season and could be either fruiting, flowering or just growing. 

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