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Sandpaper Fig - Ficus Coronata

Sandpaper Fig - Ficus Coronata

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Sandpaper Fig (Ficus Coronata) its a beautiful and hardy native species found in all the east coast of Australia. The leaves have a rough texture like sandpaper and were used by Indigenous people for centuries. This native can grow up to 2m when grown in pots or reach 10-15m if planted in the ground. The height of the tree can be easily controlled as Sandpaper Fig respond really well to heavy pruning. It can be grown as a central piece or trained as hedge. This Fig species can be grown in colder climates, in poor light condition and almost any soil type. The fruits are hairy outside and of small dimensions compared to normal figs. Eat them fresh, make jams or dry it for a different sweet treat. Our Sandpaper Figs comes in few different sizes.

NOTE: Picture of plants and trees are for showing purpose only. These can look different depending on season and could be either fruiting, flowering or just growing. 

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