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Japanese Yuzu Lemon

Japanese Yuzu Lemon

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Yuzu Lemon is one of the most chased and favourite among all citrus worldwide. Famous for the incredible aroma of the fruit and leaves, it also has a fantastic taste. Yuzu is originally from the Tibet-China mountain regions and was exported in 1800 to Japan. In Japan, it grows in the mountain regions, not far away from Mount Fuji, growing at temperatures even of -20°C. Now is known as Japanese Yuzu Lemon because of the extended use in Japanese cuisine that made it famous. It can be used fresh, made in a sauce, squeezed into your drink etc. Our Yuzu Lemon Trees have been grafted onto a Troyer Rootstock. The tree has already been acclimatised to the outside weather. Our trees are guaranteed disease-free, as we use only disease-free rootstock and check them before each sale.

NOTE: Picture of plants and trees are for showing purpose only. These can look different depending on season and could be either fruiting, flowering or just growing. 

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Customer Reviews

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Susie Barrow

Japanese Yuzu Lemon

robyn schleibs
Thumbs Up

The Yuzu tree I ordered was not only packaged great but the tree itself was of a good size and lovely and healthy. Thank You.

Yujjn Park
Healthy tree

Medium Yuzu is more mature than I was expected. I love it. Thank u

Jessie McCudden
Happy Yuzu Tree

Extremely happy. Purchased the largest size of Yuzu tree. Our tree arrived with a massive Yuzu fruit growing on it. Looking forward to tasting it in the next week or so.